“My business partner, Rich Williams, and I are preparing to launch a new shopping cart plug-in that we believe will be disruptive to customer engagement marketing (pollcart.com). We’d love to share it with you and your audience. Please let us know if we can help.”

—Doug Berman, COO

PollCart Social Commerce is the single most effective way to streamline marketing processes to increase productivity, efficiency and ROI.

“PollCart Social Commerce activation ranges from a Shopify plugin to custom API integration. Marketers get focused, specific customer-suggested improvements on products they offer and checkout peer-polling that helps convert uncertain customers who organically refer friends and family. Minimal upfront investment accompanies simple commissions for successful sales and referrals.”


—Rich Williams, CEO http://PollCart.com

“We are changing our industry by making shopping social again. And with good reason. Buyers have an option to poll their friends and family as part of checkout to decide whether or not they should buy the item, and on a positive return, checkout automatically completes, the card is charged and the item shipped. PollCart disrupts the industry by adding an optional step to checkout to get purchase feedback that determines the purchase. It’s innovative because typical mindset is to streamline checkout as much as possible, but we’re adding an additional step to purchase that would have otherwise never happened or been postponed, often indefinitely. The friends and family polled become powerful referrals, all because they legitimately participated in a friend’s purchase.”

—Rich http://pollcart.com