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Customer Behavior Insights

PollCart provides its online retailers with anonymous poll results and comments for unprecedented insight into customer decision-making. Your marketing strategy will never be the same!

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Free and Easy to Install

PollCart is a shopping cart plug-in that costs nothing to install. You pay only if PollCart generates sales! Get PollCart now, installation is free! No technical skills are required to install PollCart. Anyone can do it!

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User-Generated Viral Marketing

PollCart lets shoppers conduct a poll, letting at least one family member or friend know that they shop at your store and are considering your product. Each pollee is not just a prospective customer, but each poll is free advertising conducted by an actual shopper on your behalf!

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Download PollCart for Shopify

Enabling consumers through opinions they trust, PollCart—a forward-thinking, patent pending platform—turns shopping into an authentic social experience. Empowering consumers to buy more with opinions they trust helps them trust you! The first Shopify Social Commerce® plugin.

Curious? Check out Jim’s New Guitar, a 105-second video overview of how PollCart boosts sales and increases referrals naturally without spam or tricks with a new Social Commerce method where everyone who agrees to participate using email and text messages gives their permission. Visit Shopify’s App Store to download PollCart now.


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PollCart Social Commerce for Shopify is currently available to all Shopify store owners with an easy installation and free 30-day trial. Visit Shopify’s App Store to download PollCart now.

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