You’re ignoring 58.6% of your buyers

The Baymard Institute has chosen to segment out this ‘just browsing’ segment, and instead look at the remaining reasons for abandonments. You’re ignoring 58.6% of your buyers. 

Accredited research shows 58% of cart abandoners are just browsing and not ready to buy. The same study says 11% of shoppers have abandoned one cart in the last 90 days because of complicated checkout. If each shopper attempted a dozen purchases, then around 1% abandons complicated checkouts.

“58.6% of US online shoppers have abandoned a cart within the last 3 months because ‘I was just browsing / not ready to buy’. If we segment out the ‘just browsing’ segment…” —
58.6% of shoppers are undecided.

The Baymard Institute believes undecided shoppers are an issue that can’t be resolved.

Shop/Agree believes 58 is more than one, yet experts “segment out” the not-ready-to-buy and focus on the one percent that “can be resolved.” Shop/Agree believes undecided shoppers rely on social feedback for conversion. We don’t know how many, but we think it’s more than one percent. If you’ve optimized your site for that one percent, Shop/Agree believes we can improve your sell through rate for the other 58%.

“Unlike the ‘just browsing’ segment, a lot of these issues can be resolved.” —
Once the Baymard Institute removes 58.6% of responses, additional costs make up 27% of abandoned carts. 

Shop/Agree focuses on the 58.6%.

You don’t have to change your return policy, speed up your delivery or accept cryptocurrency, you just have to care about the overwhelming majority of shoppers who are simply not ready to buy.

Shop/Agree believes that social factors influence a buyer’s decision making process. While Baymard believes indecision cannot be resolved, we empower consumers and retailers to assist in converting undecided browsers into determined buyers, buyers who want your product regardless of your complicated checkout or account requirement.

Advice, assistance and approval converts undecided shoppers. We didn’t need research to tell us that. Don’t shop alone.

When adjusted for the 58.6%, the study shows expensive costs to only cause 11% of cart abandons.

Visit Shop/Agree for more.

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