The way of the toaster oven

I’m really frustrated with one of my favorite retailers right now. 

I put $103 worth of jeans and athletic shorts in my basket, then used a $30 off promo code. My total was $73. It passed me to PayPal for checkout who authorized my card for $73 and sent me back to the retailer. When they received my address with the payment, the retailer realized they had a store in my state, they added sales tax and sent me back to PayPal for a new authorization of $80. PayPal sent me back to the retailer where I submitted the purchase. The retailer then sent me a confirmation email for my $112 purchase as my promo code had disappeared and they’d queued PayPal for a third amount. 

A pair of jeans that were $30 less on Amazon, but I like this retailer and had a sweet coupon. Also the ETA on my jeans was 14 days out. I canceled with the retailer and one-clicked on Amazon. I’ll have the jeans in a day and a half. I’m still waiting for the $265 in authorizations to clear my MasterCard. 

So I really gave it to the retailer. 

“Most of my favorite brick and mortar retailers are going the way of the toaster oven, and if you would just listen to me, you can improve your experience?”

No favorable response from the retailer. They told me it was my fault for clicking checkout before I entered my address, and that my promo code was only good for new customers. 

So I emailed them my Amazon confirmation. 

Retailers have to do something better or different than Amazon. Most of them do not have the resources to compete with Amazon’s technology. PollCart offers retailers the ability to do something different. I wasn’t trying to sell my former-favorite retailer PollCart, I just wanted them to hear me out on how they could improve their flow.

Social commerce is the future. Amazon doesn’t have it, but PollCart does, and we want you to have it, too. Minimize friction and bugs in your checkout, then please, email me. 

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