This Amusing Button Gives You The Online Store You Imagined

E-commerce shop owners could find sales and referrals in the strangest places!

Adding a PollCart button option to your e-commerce checkout flow is easy and potentially the best way to increase sales and referrals while decreasing cart abandonment and returns. PollCart’s patent-pending checkout polling platform gives consumers the confidence they need to buy on their first visit to your website.

The PollCart button says, “Ask Your Friends,” but what does it do?

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When your customers click PollCart’s “Ask Your Friends” button, they are invited to enter the email addresses and mobile numbers for the friends and family that buyer trusts. PollCart’s platform then texts and emails the customer’s circle with easy opportunities to just click a link in a text message or email to vote yes or no to the purchase. Once a majority of the buyer’s contacts approve the purchase, the payment system captures the charge, and PollCart queues the order for fulfillment.

Visit xlbandcom’s Shopify store to see the button installed on a working e-commerce page.

PollCart’s platform landing page has a link to your brand, store, and product as well as an image of the product and an infographic expressing the most recent votes in the checkout poll. Participants can quickly add comments about the purchase and see what other anonymous users have added to the comments, or how they have voted.

Because the actual purchase depends on their vote, friends and family take these requests seriously. By doing a few minutes of research to cast an educated ballot, the friend or family member invests their goodwill into the buyer certainly, but also the brand and products.

The ‘Make an Organic Introduction’ Button

By asking their inner circle to vote “yes” on their item’s PollCart checkout poll, your buyer has made an organic introduction between your brand and product and their most trusted friends and family.

PollCart is currently available as a Shopify plugin for Shopify store owners, and we’re currently working to make it available to any online commerce platform. Please contact us if you believe PollCart could increase your sales and referrals while decreasing cart abandonment and returns.

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